Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Dog!!!!!!

Well, today we got a new dog! It was a complete surprise too! Dad went out to go get something from the store, and came back with a new dog! We had seriously been thinking of getting a dog to scare the deer away (we have big deer problems!), but we had not found the right one, until today....

I know it is a bad picture, and that it looks like he has only two legs, but he would not stop moving! He has been quite hyper most of the afternoon and evening.

We think he is yellow lab/golden retriever mix. And as far as we know he is about two. We got him from the pound, so we really just have to guess. He is so soft! And he LOVES water! He is also pretty big too. :)

We are still trying to think of his name, because we want him to have the right one. :)

I will hopefully be able to post more pictures later this week. :D


Danielle F. said...

Cool! I have a lab and I love her to death.

girloffaith said...

That's so awesome! And I love the name two!