Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer Fun in January

It's a nice day today, so Mom wanted us to go outside to play in the sunshine a little bit. It was warm enough, I thought, to play in the sprinkler. I also thought that all of my siblings would also enjoy it.
So, I got into a tee shirt, capris and a bathing suit cover-up, and ran outside to play in the sprinkler! Now, Mom had warned me that the water was going to be very, very cold. And I knew that, I just wanted to have a little slice of summer in January. Some of my siblings ran outside with me to play in the sprinkler. Then my little three year old sister thought that it was a little too cold, so she started crying and went inside. The cold water got to my little brother next, so he ran inside.
Before I knew it I was alone. The water was cold, I admit, but it was too much fun to let the cold water get to me! Over time, I got lonely and bored, so I too headed inside. Turned off the water, changed clothes, then wished that summer weather would come to warm up the water a little!

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