Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

At about this time last year, I made a list of resolutions for 2008. Now, obviously, I did not understand what I was doing. I simply made a list of things that I wanted to do that year, such as: learning French. Now, let me tell you, I only learned one word in French, I learned it out of a Nancy Drew book.

All of my resolutions went about that way. So, this year, (since I have learned my lesson), I can decide my resolutions for 2009. This morning I thought that if I had rules to my resolutions then it would help me better decide what I should do, so here are my three rules to resolution making: #1- It has to be do-able in a years time, #2- It can't be so hard that I bail out in the middle, #3- It has to be something that I can catch up on if I miss a day. And the resolution has to meet at least 2 of the three rules.

So, here are my two 2009 resolutions: #1- to have my room perfectly clean every Saturday morning when I wake up, #2- to read through the New Testament section part of the Bible. During the year I will probably add a couple more if I am successful in conquering these.

So what are your 2009 resolutions? I would really like to hear about what you are trying to conquer this year. :)

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