Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not-So-Secret Service

Not-So-Secret Service, the co-op class I am taking, is about "serving the Lord through intercommunication." So on the first week, we did a personality test. It was set up with 40 sections, in each section it had 4 words. You had to pick the one word in each section that described you most. I thought it was pretty cool. This Friday we were talking about how to read someones feelings through their body language. Like, different things people do with their face, to show that they are angry, happy, embarrassed, sad, joyful, etc. Or how you can show someone that you are listening by leaning forward. It is a really fun class, and I hope I learn a lot of useful things out of it.

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vintagegirl said...

That does sound like an interesting class! I hope you learn a lot from it, and are able to use it in witnessing to others.

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You're in my thoughts and prayers!
God Bless!
Miss Emily Rose