Friday, September 5, 2008

1st Homeschool Co-op Starts

Today was the first day of Co-op! It was so much fun! These are my classes: 1st period-Southern Hospitality, 2nd period-Not-So-Secret Service, 3rd Period-Drama. And those were all of the classes that I wanted, so I am so happy. I am now going to give you a description of what the classes are about.

Southern Hospitality is basically a cooking class. Today we decorated our aprons, wrote down a recipe in our personal cookbooks, and made four dozen muffins! In one hour! We sold them to the families in co-op. And we sold almost every muffin, we had one left over. We were selling them for fifty cents each. Over the next 7 weeks we will be learning things like cake decorating and baking. It is a really fun class!

In Not-So-Secret Service today we really did not do very much, because our teacher had a sick child, so I can give you a better description next week.

Drama was really a lot of fun today! This is my second semester to be in this drama class so I already had been taught the things she talked about today, but we got to play a few improv. games, and that is always really fun. I love Co-op!

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