Saturday, February 4, 2012

You are what you Eat

You've no doubt heard this at one time or another, it's a pretty widespread phrase.

You are what you eat.

But have you ever thought about it in a different aspect?

How about, you are what you believe?

Interesting statement, yet true.

What you believe determines your actions, attitude, and choices throughout your life.

Now I'm not talking about what you say you believe, I'm talking about what you believe deep down. So deep may be these beliefs that you never really put them into words, you just...believe them. They're who you are - what you're made of.

The choices you make show what you believe. They show whats important to you. They show who you are.

It's the same with your attitude and every other aspect of life. 

You are what you believe.

What do you believe? Is it really what's in your creed? Or is it just what you say you believe cause that's what makes sense in your head? 

Does the stuff that makes sense in your head make sense in your heart?

You are what you eat believe.


Talia said...

Love. This. Post. Seriously.

Poohbear said...

I never thought about that

Poohbear said...

I never thought about that

Emii said...

oh i love this, buttercup! how awesome. and something to think about.