Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking through your Belief System

A persons belief system can be described as a pair of glasses, because once they have built up a system of what they believe, and they know that what they believe is true, then they will look at everything through that belief system - through those glasses.

For example, when wearing some sun glasses, things will look a slightly different color - like from black to brown - to the person wearing the sun glasses, the object would most obviously be brown, but to the person without sun glasses, the object would most obviously be black. Both people are certain that they are right, but their interpretations contradict - one or the other must be wrong.

This is what happens when people's belief systems get in the way of their seeing scientific information (or any other information) clearly and unbiased. For many people, the idea of tossing their belief system out of the window to see clearly is absurd, and I agree, what you believe defines who you are. For me, and any other Bible believing Christian, we look at scientific information through the Bible, and this, I believe, is the right thing to do. Why? Because the Bible has been proved to be 100% true, so looking through the Bible at scientific information will not give us the wrong answer, ever, as long as we take what is not in the Bible impartially. Granted, I sound like I am contradicting myself. But I am not, for the Bible is 100% true - that is my belief, but it also has been proven. Evolutionists do not have that kind of backup. Their theories have not been proven, and cannot be proven.

Therefore I encourage you to see what kind of glasses you are looking through. Do your glasses deceive you into thinking something contrary to the truth/to what the Bible says? Are your glasses tinted so as to betray the truth for a lie?

In Christ alone,

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