Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How I Live by Faith

Note: this was originally written for my AWANA book, like my earlier post.

As a Christian, I am constantly faced with choices and temptations, but through faith in Christ, I have the strength to battle them.
I am still a young, learning, still growing Christian, so I am just now learning how to live by faith. In my life, living by faith includes trusting God to do what is best fro me, even when I think differently - this is a big one, it's kind of like how Peter probably felt, stepping out of the boat and onto the water, believing that God can make that water firm beneath my feet, even when I cannot. It is knowing that when i jump out of the window, even though I can't see Him, Christ is just below me, ready to catch me. It also includes trusting God to do what is best in other people's lives, even when I don't agree. I know that He will do what is best because I know that He knows everything that will happen in the future.

When it comes to making choices and facing temptations, I have to remember that faith takes two people - the trusted and the trusting. I can't just pray and hope that I do the right thing, I have to listen for an answer. Sometimes God helps me through scripture, sometimes through another believer, and sometimes He just tells me. I believe that if I am doing the will of God and relying on Him, that I will never lack an answer.

I once saw a magnet that said, "Faith is not believing that God can, it's know that He will." I think this is so true in my own life, if I simply believe that God can, I am not putting all my faith and trust in Him, but if I know that He will, then I am putting my entire being into His arms, those arms that I know will never, ever fail.

I am not claiming to be perfect, not by any means, I just know what I need to do - let Christ hold all of me - and I'm learning how to do it - lifting my feet off of the ground.

In Christ alone,

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Emily said...

I need to live by faith more, too. Thanks for the post! Hope you have another one soon! =)