Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Songs

My friend posted about a great song called "There will be a day" by Jeremy Camp, on her blog. It is an awesome song!!! It talks about how there will be a day when the believers will be taken up into heaven where there will be no tears, no fears, no suffering, nothing but happiness in worshiping the Father. It is a beautiful song about heaven. I highly recommend it. It almost made me cry.

Another song I really like is "Walk by Faith," which is also by Jeremy Camp. It is about how we must walk by faith, and depend on God. Even when we cannot see why things are happening the way they are. "Even when I cannot see" is one of my favorite lines of the song. It shows how even though we can't see some things, God can. He can see everything, at anytime, in any place! What an awesome God we serve!!!

There are a ton of very, very good, Christian songs out there that I love. But I chose two to post about for right now. Hopefully, I will be able to post more later. If you know of a good song or artist that I don't have on my playlist at the bottom of this page, please comment and tell me about it. I am always ready for suggestions. :)

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Danielle F. said...

Awesome post "friend" haha! Love u...