Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dad's Home!!!

Our Daddy got home yesterday!!!! We are all sooooooooooo excited!!!! And this time he will(hopefully) never go back. This is not R&R! I am still having a hard time believing that he is here for good!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers! We are all so thankful to have our family back together again after fifteen long months (with a two week R&R in between)!!!

(I will try to post pictures of the sign we made for him after someone uploads them to the computer.)


Buttercup said...

By the way, I, personally, have no idea how to upload pics to the computer. :)

Danielle F. said...

Haha! Ur so funny! Ask ur mom to show u... Is really easy!

Buttercup said...

o.k. I will try after school :) ;)Lol.