Monday, December 1, 2008

The six unspectacular

I have only been blogging since August so I have never been tagged before, but today Breezy posted about six unspectacular things about herself and did not tag anyone in particular. So I am going to post about six unspectacular things about me.

1. I can't live without crocheting or reading

2. I love Mexican food

3. I have only gone out of country once

4. I have lived on a boat, in an apartment, and now in a house (now all that's left is to live in the sky :)

5. I love playing word games such as; Scrabble, Boggle and Up Words.

6. I love Blogging!

I hope you liked it! I am going to tag my sis Poppy, and Emily Rose(if she wants to). I don't really know anyone else so if you want to do this tag then go right ahead. Comment on this post and tell me if you do it! I would love to hear from you!

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