Monday, August 6, 2012

Study of 1 John Begins

Hello my dear readers! 
I can't believe my eyes when I go away for months at a time and I come back and to my surprise I have over 40 hits a day without posting! Of course, although this is great, it isn't very fair to go away without telling you, I have simply not had much time. 

But no more excuses, for now, I am going to begin posting here my own personal study of my favorite book of the Bible - 1 John. This book is my favorite for a few reasons, first, it is a book of love - God's love for us and how we ought to love others as He loved us - and it is also a book of assurance, John writes tests for your faith so that you might be sure that you are in Christ. In times of doubt I always turn to 1 John 5 before anything else. 

So, I hope you enjoy this study, but please don't take what I say without question, I am wrong a lot. What I say is simply what I believe to be what John is trying to get across to us in this epistle.

Hope you are all having a most blessed summer!

In Christ our Rock,
Buttercup :)

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Poohbear said...

Great!! I can't wait to read your posts!!

Your BFF