Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hey y'all, here are a couple poems I wrote about birds...


Helpless Bird

I am but a helpless bird,
My wing is broken,
And I am at the mercy of my enemy.

I cannot fly away,
And there is no place to hide,
I am at the mercy of my enemy.

I have tried to call,
But none answer,
I am at the mercy of my enemy.

I am but a small,
And helpless bird,
There is no mercy from my enemy.

He is coming now,
I see him flying,
I don't expect mercy from my enemy.

But my Creator looked down,
And saw me in my trouble,
I received mercy from my God.

He who sees the helplessness
Of such a tiny bird as I,
Shall no doubt take care of you.

Take my word for it,
He saved me,
He also can save you if you call on Him.

The Life of a Bird

I tweet, sing, and hop,
Try to fly, but flop.
I eat the wormies,
That are squirmies,
And have fun all day long.

Someday I'll have a mate,
I hope her name is Kate,
Then we'll sing together
In all kinds of weather,
And have fun all day long.

Someday we'll have baby birdies,
And I'll feed them their wormies.
My mate will teach them to tweet,
Oh, they will be so very sweet!
And we'll have fun all day long.

I know that someday
Is very far away,
But until then,
I'll have fun all day long!

All my younger siblings loved the last one! Haha. I hope you did too!

Just a reminder, please don't take them!



Maggie said...

Amazing poems! You are a great writer. :)

In responce to your question, I asked someone and got a responce to read a post at this blog:

So that's how I got the scrolling blog button thingy. :)


Shelley said...

Awesome poem! I also enjoy writing poetry! Hope you'll stop by my blog!