Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Conference in Austin was great! My sis, uncle and I all got t-shirts, books, and together we got a DVD of the conference. There was a slight change in the speakers though, Saturday night there was Brett Harris, Greg Harris(his dad), and Rod Conner. Sunday Morning the speakers were: David Sitton and Dr. John Piper. Alex Harris ( Brett's twin brother) was going to be speaking with him, but he has had some major health problems, so he could not attend. Please pray for him. To Every Tribe Ministries wants to make this conference annual or at least biannual, and I really hope that they do. It was amazingly life changing, it made me think about some things a way I had never thought about them before. You can go to the To Every Tribe Ministries website to learn about this awesome ministry. I put the links in my last post.

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